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Losing a beer belly in three months

Mid-40's, working out for four years; eat clean, consume no sweets or soda. However, my belly has been expanding. Lessons learned across a successful 3-month beer belly weight loss journey.

The Power of Reciting Mantras

Mantras are energy-based sounds that vibrate throughout the body when spoken aloud. Embedded within these ancient sounds are thousands of years of energy accumulated from millions of devoted chanters. Sound travels five times more efficiently through water than...

Discipline through Physical Fitness

Fitness: the gateway to discipline Imagine4D's Positive Reprogramming series is a journey through discipline, mindfulness, meditation and creative visualisation. All of the skills except for discipline are subtle. Each requires mindfulness, persistence, patience,...

Creative Visualisation

eality in Buddhism is called dharma, a system of natural laws that constitutes the natural order of things. One of Buddhism's fundamental teachings is that life is an illusion; we don't live in dharma, we live within our perception of it....

Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology for Emotional Healing Energy psychology looks at the relationship between thoughts, behaviours, emotions and proven bioenergy systems (such as meridians and chakras). Within this framework, emotional and physical issues are treated as...

The Roots of Anxiety

Where Anxiety Comes From Anxiety sufferers who freeze up in social tend to cope by becoming aloof and distant. Theirs is a lonely life of numb survival, but they were was not always that way. Humans first emerge into the world with in a perfect state of pure love –...

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