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Our secret has to do with making your Google map listing – and your business – topically relevant across all parts of the city. The effect is like sweeping the city with hand-delivered flyers. However, it’s done so quietly that most competitors won’t even notice

Without the ability to see what your business is all about and read reviews about you – all in one spot – customers move on to the next local business who has a prominent map listing.

Local Ranking Campaign Components

Customizable service options

Our local rankings workflow

1. Audit

First, a scan of your local properties (website, map listing, Youtube and G+) and the number of citations to your business on the web. Second, a similar scan of your top competitors.


An action plan syncing web properties around specific keywords, and employing different tactics (video engineering, keyword optimization, map embeds etc).


Building and optimizing required properties takes around a month. Promotional campaigns use a variety of tactics that usually yield results within 90 days of the campaign start.


Into the second and third month, we focus on engineering engagement for Youtube campaigns, creating private web2.0 networks to support your location and niche and monitoring rankings.


Toward the end of your campaign we tie all pieces together using press releases, guest posts on relevant blogs and authority backlinks to your properties. Expect local ranking domination at this stage.

Local Ranking and SEO tutorials

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