Humans emerge into the world with in a perfect state of pure love – linked to the source until they buy into the rules of the material world.

Parents break the connection with source by enforcing their own interpretations of reality. Schools grind young minds into left-brain (logical) thinking, at the expense of right brain (intuitive) perception. Adult ‘reality’ is a spiritually numb cycle of labour, diversion and consumption.

Seize Control with Proactive Deprogramming

Anxiety (the most common of all mental disorders) is rooted in negative mental patterns that were likely formed early in life. These patterns carry into adulthood and often manifest as some form of disconnect: feelings of diminished self-worth; fear in safe situations; inability to relax around people.

Negative thoughts shape the brain: negative patterns that consistently fire synapses to specific neurons will etch pathways in the brain that makes reality go askew. Fortunately, the brain is incredibly adaptive, capable of overriding old habits with new programs. This means we can force desired habits – with repetition, neural pathways will get etched.

Social Deprogramming Core Concepts

Roots of Your Anxiety

Early traumas linger over decades, causing seemingly rational adults to freeze up in social situations. Fortunately, the brain’s ability to reprogram itself never diminishes. Learn how to break tired old reactionary habits and forge powerful new ones.

Energy Psychology

Traumatic experiences remain within the mind-body field as energetic residue, long after the actual event occurred. Energy psychology clears these stuck energies by working on the sum of thoughts, behaviours, emotions and proven bioenergy systems (such as meridians and chakras).

Unlearning State Education

Understand how education has been deliberately manipulated over the past century to corral millions of young minds into becoming less than the sum of their true potential.

Transcending Consumer Culture

Beyond the classroom, media floods the senses from all sides, promoting a life of boxy life limited to work, shopping, restaurants and alcohol. Comprehending the scam is a key step towards unleashing the full creative power of your mind.

Social Anxiety Healing

This guide ties it all together: identifying traumas; using energy phycology to reprogram them; getting over the twin hurdles of education indoctrination and consumer lifestyle propaganda; reconnecting with your true self and unleashing its potential.