Purity of unblemished youth

More radiant than the Sun, Purer than the snow, Subtler than the ether, Is the Self. The Spirit within my heart. I am that self.

Positive reprogramming’s secret is deliciously simple. From Buddha: “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”


Getting started with Positive Reprogramming

In order to acquire the power of creation with your mind, it is essential to gain control of your mind. If you have any baggage (depression, anxiety, indifference, dispassion), flush those out first. Once those are clear, proceed as follows:


  • Sharpen discipline, physically: conjuring visualisations is abstract, but walking into a gym and lifting weights is something anybody can start doing. It is the most accessible first step for anyone wanting to harness the full power of their mind. Set a goal of transforming your undisciplined body into a warrior’s one.

  • Unplug from Mass Media: the benefits of removing television from your life are immense. After a short period of ‘withdrawal’, your diet (and mindfulness during preparation) will drastically improve, as will sleep and thought patterns. In the early going the challenge might seem terrifying, but once the fear wears off, a wider world of possibilities will open up.

Positive Reprogramming Starter Pack

Core Concepts

  • Neuroplasticity: train the mind to forge lasting habits
  • Mindfulness: practice focusing on the moment
  • Left vs right brain: reign in the logical and unleash the intuitive
  • Creative Visualisation: combine everything into a mediation to discover your desire. Then, will it into being

Physical Fitness for Discipline

Visualisation requires a disciplined mind that can focus on goals and see them through to completion. Physical fitness training is the ultimate form of discipline training – and the simplest way to learn how to move from thinking to doing.

Its beauty is its simplicity: a solid workout routine and sensible diet are all that’s needed – two components that everyone has full control over.

The Power of Mantras

Mantras are energy-based sounds that vibrate throughout the body when chanted. They regulate breath and generate prana (life energy) naturally, making very accessible entry point for beginners. With devotion, regular recitations will ebb away the mind’s six enemies: lust, anger, greed, pride, delusion and jealousy.

Creative Visualisation

Buddhism’s fundamental teaching is that life is an illusion; we don’t live in reality, we live within our perception of it. Creative Visualisation seizes on this truth by using the subconscious like a guided missile. When fired, it starts moving towards a programmed target. It assesses its coordinates in relation to the target, makes adjustments to correct its path, and finally reaches an end destination.